Business Plan Writing for Canadian Immigration

In Canada, most provinces operate their own Provincial Nominee Programs. The objective of these programs is to attract and retain people to generate economic activities for that province. The programs widely vary in each province but there is a program that most provinces have: Business Immigration Program.

Providing a business plan is part of the requirements for this stream. The PNP business plan, although similar to a regular business plan, holds specific distinctions that could make the difference in the final decision to accept or reject your application.

The business plan is also required for other investment streams such as the one under the Free Trade Agreements. It is important to mention that the business plan’s guidelines for immigration purposes are the same that the ones the Forum for International Trade Training (FITT) has developed. FITT is a well-known organization in Canada that develops international business training programs and sets standards of excellence for global business professionals.

Our team presents the best option to develop your business plan. Not only because we provide quality Canadian immigration advice but also because our Immigration Consultants are accredited FITT professionals that have the knowledge and expertise to develop plans for successful businesses.


Business Plans for Canadian Immigration

Our customized plans follow the FITT guidelines and include:

  • Key Components such as: Executive Summary, Corporate Profile, Management, Market Entry Strategies and Marketing Strategies including pricing and placing the product or service.
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Financial Projections
  • Risk Management

We also conduct thorough market research in order to obtain accurate data to present on your business plan. Our business plans are customized and we do NOT rely on commercial software for developing your project. We understand the importance of this step within your immigration application.

The success of your business means the success of ours.


Please take a minute to review the profile of the professionals who are involved in this area:

Maria Prior LL.M

Gabriela Pereda M.A.