What are CAIPS Notes, GCMS and FOSS?

– CAIPS (Computer-Assisted Immigration Processing System)
– GCMS (Global Case Management System)
– FOSS (Field Operations Support System)

These systems are currently used by the Canadian Visa Offices within Canada and overseas. Here, all the information about the applicants is collected and saved.

Why is it important to have access to these files?

It is important to know what the CIC department knows about you. It is very useful in case you have been requested an interview, here you will have a chance to know the issue and to address it before you attend the interview. The notes are also useful to know the stage of an application or what it will be done in the near future. The report will show if some correspondance has been sent and not received by the applicant, they can contact the Visa Office and notify of this issue in order to avoid delays. For clients who have applied for any kind of visa in the past and do not remember some relevant information, the files are good to make sure all the information is accurate and matches with recent applications.

If  you would like to see how an application is being processed and the comments and concerns of the Visa Officers.

How can I order CAIPS Notes / GCMS / FOSS?

Global Advising Group is currently offering this service. In order to be able to apply for these files you need to be present in Canada, if you are not, Global Advising Group can assist you long-distance. Only a Canadian Citizen, Permanent Resident or a person legally admitted and present in Canada can request the file on your behalf.

How long does it take to get the files?

The process usually takes around 6 weeks in most cases, however, if there is an special request it may take a little bit longer.

How do the company deliver the files if I live overseas?

Once we receive your files, we notify you and will send them by e-mail first following by delivery by regular mail.

How can I read and interpret CAIPS Notes / GCMS / FOSS?

Global Advising Group provides you with a written report regarding the interpretation of the notes. This report is included in the initial price, however, if you are current client you can get this service for free without having to order it.

How much does it cost to order CAIPS Notes / GCMS / FOSS?

There is a total fee of $150.00 CAD including the written report and delivery by e-mail and regular mail.

What is the procedure to order CAIPS Notes / GCMS / FOSS through Global Advising Group?

When you are ready to order your files, you can contact us and we will e-mail you the instructions and forms. We will place your order once we have received your payment. This can be done through PayPal or Wire Transfer (we accept Interact E-mail Money Transfer for clients within Canada).

Why choose Global Advising Group?

Global Advising Group is offering this service including the interpretation and report so you are able to read the notes. In the original files, the visa officers enter the information using key words and Global AG will send you the originals along with the interpretation for a flat rate, there is no extra fee. We also know how important is for you to receive these documents as soon as possible so you can be sure that we will not procrastinate and we will send you the files within a few hours that we receive them.