Provincial Nominee Program

In Canada, most provinces operate their own Provincial Nominee Programs. The objective of these programs is to attract and retain people to generate economic activities for that province. The programs widely vary in each province. There are two basic types of Provincial Nominee Programs, and most provinces have both.

First type: attracts workers for employers, mainly in skilled-occupations but some provinces approve workers in targeted semi-skilled occupations as well.

Second type: Business Immigration Program which allows for expedited processing of applicants able and willing to invest substantial funds in an existing business or establish a new business.

For this stream, it is necessary to provide a detailed business plan for immigration purposes and all the detailed documents related to the business. Global Advising Group provides extended advice in this area, our knowledge in international businesses and market research experience with settlement of companies is considered an asset for this immigration class.

Some clients wish to set up a business similar to the one they already have in their home country. Here is when we combine our experience in international trade and transferring of businesses to have a successful application in any province within Canada.

Currently, the most flexible way to immigrate to Canada is through a Provincial Nominee Program, depending on your needs, our team will provide you with valuable advice to make the right decision in selecting the best province.

If you are not planning to set up a business in Canada but would like to have your skills assessed in order to find a pilot project in a certain province, we can help you as well.

Persons who immigrate to Canada under the Provincial Nominee Program have the skills, education and work experience needed to make an immediate economic contribution to the province or territory that nominates them. They are ready to establish themselves successfully as permanent residents in Canada.

To apply under the Provincial Nominee Program, applicants must be nominated by a Canadian province or territory.

Here is a list of the provinces and territories currently participating in this program: